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The process to get your CDL...

It seems like a long process, but if you follow our steps, you should have little difficulty. (Quick step by step at the bottom)

The moment you've decided that you want a CDL, you need to begin studying for your Permit test.  The best resource is the Kentucky State Police CDL Manual.  The questions come from this book.  It's heavy reading, so if you want to try other avenues, try some practice apps.  These apps have great questions that you can practice repeatedly to help you memorize the questions.  

CDL Prep

​​Google and Apple App for sample tests.

DMV Genie

​Another app for sample tests.  Pay the price for it, its worth it.


KSP CDL Manual
Best source to study if you're willing to read.

First, find a local Physician, Chiropractor, or Urgent Care Center to obtain a DOT Physical.  Normally these are between 50-90 dollars.  You can have the medical facility upload this to myCDL, or you can do it yourself. 

Anytime you are ready, you need to take ELDT Theory.  Some places do it in person, some online.  Our program is completely online.  You have to take theory somehow, so before you test is the best time.  You can do it before or after you get your permit.  You cannot only take the online only course to get your CDL!

Go to or click the logo to the right to login.  Follow the instructions on the screen.  Included are a couple of instructional videos to help.  This is probably the most technical part, so if you are not comfortable with a computer, we recommend to find someone to assist.  

On this website youwill fill out your CDL Permit application and your self certification.  We recommend Interstate, Non excepted if you plan on driving out of Kentucky.  If you choose INTRAstate, you can only drive in KY.

You will receive notification that you are eligible to test.  Once you receive that notification, you will need to go to a regional KYTC office and begin the test process.  You start with this, then you'll go test with KY State Police.  Click the picture below to schedule your appointment.


If you're wanting a Class A CDL, you need to take:  General Knowledge, Combination, & Air Brakes written tests.

If you're wanting a Class B CDL, you need to take:  General Knowledge & Air Brakes written tests.

Once you receive your permit, check over the permit to make sure you have the correct class and restrictions / endorsements on your permit.   You must wait 14 days to test. You can schedule the day you pass your test and get your permit.  If you choose to rent your test vehicle with us, we can schedule for you. All you have to is send us a picture of your permit.    If you choose to do things yourself, call 1-800-542-5990, option 1 to reach the KY State Police. 

Once you have your CDL Permit, you can take your ELDT behind the wheel training.  This course is a federally mandated program of range and road skills you must complete before you can take your road test.  KSP WILL NOT SCHEDULE YOU UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED ELDT!  Also, make sure you use a FMCSA certified ELDT provider, not just anyone can do this!  You will meet us for a day of behind the wheel training, and if you need one additional, we will do that as well.  Once you have completed the course, we will enter your information into the federal register and schedule you.  UNDERSTAND THAT YOU MAY HAVE TO STAY A NIGHT OR TWO TO COMPLETE YOUR BEHIND THE WHEEL, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T STUDY AND HAVE TROUBLES WITH SKILLS! 



You will arrive at the KSP Testing Location the day and time of your test.   Make sure you have your permit, your regular OL, your licensed driver and a vehicle of the proper class.  If you are restricted to glasses/contacts bring those as well.  You will perform a vehicle inspection test, backing test, and road test.  If you pass, you will go to a regional driver licensing office to obtain your CDL.  It is likely it will be a few days from test time to the time you get your CDL.  IMPORTANT!!! - Do not mess around and not go get your license.  If you don't go get your new license issued, and your permit expires, you lose your scores and you have to start from scratch. 

So here's the step by step in simple form
1.  Get your DOT physical and submit your CDL Application and self certification (
2.  Take your ELDT theory course (need a license photo)
3.  Schedule with KSP and take your permit test (written)
4.  Call/text/email and schedule an appointment for a behind the wheel session. (need your permit photo)
6.  Complete behind the wheel training
7.  Take the KSP Skills Test
8.  Go get your license once you've passed

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